EUROWEST COMMERCE LP company is moderator of computer sport competitions that are carried out on the website
Address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR, Scotland, UK
Reg. No. SL029391

Enthusiasm for online games has got epidemic proportions many years ago – millions of people living in all parts of the world are infected by this “infirmity”. Recently, in numerous articles in mass media, cyber-sport is more and more compared with traditional sport. Authors of the articles try to understand statistics of virtual sport and predict possible outcomes of many tournaments and blogs about games turn into whole mass media. Records are broken every year in the number of observers who monitor the games on the Twitch platform and the other distributors of cyber sport content. A huge number of different leagues is created in cyber entertainment industry; great number of tournaments are hold around the world. Prize money of the tournaments for top cyber sportsmen is increased year after year. Game community is growing at frenetic pace, more and more skilled players that can compete at international sport arenas are appeared on constant basis. Cyber sport as independent sport discipline is recognized by China, South Korea, Malaysia, USA and Russia. Soon cyber sport will be popular as top sport disciplines – football and hockey!

Our website is a platform for competitions of popular team military and tactical simulator Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). Counter-Strike: Global Offensive proved to the whole world that is the best. Shooter is very popular among players in the world for many years and it stands its grounds up to now. Fights are organized on our platform in the mode Deathmatch. The goal of this mode is very simple to kill the enemy. Gathering point during the match, you improve your position in the players list and if at the end you are in the top – you win. The game lasts 10 minutes. Then the map is modified. The arms are given to you by the admin. Intentional extermination of friendly fighters is punished by exclusion. You have to try to take part in PRO division competitions. Matches schedule, tournament table and statistics of competitions participants are covered for PRO division competitions too. When you are duly authorized on the website, you will join to the existed team of amateur division (AM). You can play in PRO division only if you are invited by the website administration.

More detail description of the game rules, you may find in the section Uchee.

Good luck in all forthcoming tournaments!